guided logo is adaptable to many use cases and uses standard media assets including stills, movies, VR, 360 panoramas, and 360 video. Application examples include:

  • Remote curation of art or science museums
  • Opening receptions
  • Tours of historical sites
  • Demonstration of lab experiments
  • Remote teaching and outreach
  • Product demonstrations
  • Virtual trade shows
  • Corporate presentations

GuidedTM can be toggled between narrated and self-explored modes under the control of the host, permitting the platform to run with or without a live narrator for offline engagement.




Gallery 263

Gallery 263 is non-profit multi-functional art space, providing opportunities for the public to participate in the creative process through music performances, workshops, film screenings, lectures, artist talks, juried show competitions, and yoga.




Increase Access

Gallery 263 is located in a residential neighborhood of Cambridge, MA. The best access to the gallery is by foot or public transportation (bus). There are also stairs at its entrance that make it inaccessible to some. In addition, Gallery 263 exhibits artists on a national level who cannot always be in Cambridge to support and promote their work. The audience is likewise national.





During LUCID's 4-week run at Gallery 263, Guided was used to:

  • Host a virtual exhibit
  • Host a live and shared experience with the artist
  • Augment the in-person experience via a mobile app
  • Increase reach and access to the artist's work
  • Facilitate the planning of the exhibit


A Guided Virtual Gallery

Guided is designed to increase access and reach. To build the platform, we interviewed and engaged members of the museum and exhibition community before developing core features. We learned that guests enjoyed serendipitous exploration but also enjoyed learning from experts beyond face value. To demonstrate Guided, we partnered with Gallery 263 to launch an interactive experience using Guided for their exhibition LUCID: a solo exhibition by Shaina Gates. Guided was used in its live-narrated and self-exploration modes, bringing the best of both worlds of virtual experiences. In addition, the app runs on mobile devices for guests to use when visiting the physical gallery. Some of the key highlights of Shaina's show are enumerated below.

41% of visitors from
outside of Massachusetts

Shared interactive walkthrough with artist

Virtual experience led to attendees visiting gallery

In-Person Companion App

Guided provides additional resources for in-person visits to LUCID. This includes a map of the space, multimedia content, and descriptions of the artworks.

Visitors are free to engage with the artworks at their own pace and style.

Mobile Companion App

Geographic Reach

LUCID was visited remotely by visitors from 15 states. Of these visitors, 41% were from outside Massachuetts (home of Gallery 263). In context, this out-of-state audience is a population that would not otherwise visit the gallery.

Guided has no physical boundaries and is accessible at all hours of the day. Guided presents opportunities for visitors who cannot visit due to location, time, and accessibility.

LUCID segmentation

Democratic User Experience

As a browser-based application, Guided is available across all modern devices: iOS and Android phones, tablets, Chromebooks, Macs, PCs, etc.

Guided on many devices

Client Testimonies:

"The virtual experience of LUCID led to attendees visiting the gallery in person and at least one sale of work."

"It's been an absolute pleasure to work with the rtangent team on this Guided experience. They've been able to create a level of accessibility that we could never provide otherwise. Our audiences really valued this experience."

"A semblance of being in a shared physical space."